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Young Geneticist 2020/2021 Award


Young Geneticist 2020/2021 FRANCISCO MAURO SALZANO Award


Geneticists from South American or those who defended a doctoral thesis in South America, with a doctoral degree obtained within five years prior to the start date of the Genetics 2020/2021 Meeting are invited to participate in the Francisco Mauro Salzano Young Geneticist 2020/2021 Award - a unique opportunity to stand out and leave your mark in the field. The first place will be awarded a R$ 3,500.00 (three thousand five hundred reals) cash prize, announced during the closing session of the Genetics 2020/2021 Meeting. The winner must be present at the closing session otherwise the candidate classified in second place will be awarded. The other classified participants will receive a certificate of honor.




REGISTRATION: Registrations for the Young Geneticist 2020/2021 Award are free and will be accepted until June 30, 2021. Ph.D. geneticists who defended their theses within five years of the beginning of Genetics 2020/2021 Meeting are eligible. Candidates must be registered for the present meeting and must submit only one paper as first author. The award registration form, available at, must be completed and sent to with a copy to, in addition to the study manuscript, curriculum vitae, and a statement from the university's graduate committee stating the date of thesis defense and the degree. Sent documents will not be returned.


MANUSCRIPT: The text must be written in English and have a maximum of 10 pages (including tables and figures) formatted in size 12 Arial font, with 1.5 line spacing, A4 paper size, 2 cm margins (left, right, upper and lower) in Microsoft Word format. References must follow the JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY reference guidelines. Papers that do not comply with these guidelines will be automatically disqualified without prior notice to the participant.


PRESENTATION AND SELECTION: The Scientific Committee designated by the SBG Board of Directors will select five papers. The selected studies will be presented as posters in English during the Genetics 2020 Meeting, at a location to be designated by the Organizing Committee. Authors will present their work orally to a panel of examiners composed of three members chosen by the SBG Board, during the Genetics 2020 session. The 20-min presentation must be in English, with slides in English. Requests to reconsider the decision of the committee and the panel of examiners will not be accepted.


WINNER’S RIGHT to the PRIZE: If the prize is not claimed within 1 year from the date of the award the winner will waive his / her right to it.

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